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Sam Klement
samklementSam Klement, owner of Spectrum Outdoors, a company specializing in over-the-shoulder free-roaming video hunts, has hunted everything from wild boars in the South to elk in the West and moose and bear in several Canadian provinces. Sam currently holds several US patents on some of today’s most popular hunting products, such as the Gun Rest and Turkey Topper manufactured by Hunter’s Specialties. Sam holds seminars on topics ranging from scent control and vocalization of deer to choosing the perfect tree stand, and he’s also a member of Muzzy’s and Hunter’s Specialties’ pro staffs.
Shane Berry
shaneShane Berry was born and raised right outside of Sparta, Georgia where he still lives with his wife Lynn and two children Christopher and Christin. Shane has worked for Brown Contracting Company for 22 years and is currently working as a project manager/estimator for the company.
Shane began hunting with father at the age of 5, harvested his first deer at the age of 6 and his first turkey at the age of 10. He has harvested 3 bucks in the state of Kansas that will score over 155 Boone and Crocket. In 2003 he harvested an 8 point in Hancock County that qualified for Pope and Young record book. In 2000 he took a black bear in the state of Maine, and in 2001 and 2003 he harvested 2 5x5 bull elks in the state of Colorado. He has harvested turkeys in 14 states from South Florida to the Black Hills of Wyoming. The largest turkey he harvested was in 1999 in Baldwin County with a weight of 25 lbs. 4 oz, 12 ¾” beard and 1 13/16 spurs. He is an avid hunter of game animals; his specialties are deer, turkey and waterfowl
Ricky Joe Bishop


Ricky Joe Bishop of Warm Springs, Georgia, is one of this country's top game callers and hunters. Among his many titles are Georgia State Champion (five-time), World Team Champion, Realtree Grand American Champion (three-time) and MID American Open Champion. He’s also a Gold Staff member for Lohman Gamecalls and works for Kolpin in product development.

Jon and Gina Brunson


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"In 2007, Jon and Gina packed their six children into an RV for a Florida to South Dakota road trip and whitetail hunt. It was the first show for their newest venture, Addicted to the Outdoors (ATTO), which has a revolutionary format that takes viewers along with them as they pursue game. Choosing a name for the new show was easy, since both Jon, Gina and their children are Addicted to the Outdoors. Are they living the dream? Yes, their particular dream, where a man, his wife and their children together explore those wandering streams and forested trails of the outdoors."

Ralph & Vicki Cianciarulo

Ralph Cianciarulo
Co-Owner—Archer’s Choice Media
Co-Host Archer’s Choice and The Choice Television ,The Outdoor Channel
Ralph is a well-known international bowhunter, a noted videographer, a seminar speaker and a TV personality for the Outdoor Channel. He and his wife Vicky have dedicated their lives to instructing thousands of people on the sport of archery and bow hunting. At the age of 23, Ralph opened Archer’s Choice, Inc., which is one of the nation’s top-rated archery pro-shops. As Archer’s Choice grew, so did Ralph’s notoriety. Over the years, Ralph has earned the respect of thousands of sportsmen.

Vicki Cianciarulo
Co-Owner—Archer’s Choice Media ,Co-Host Archer’s Choice and The Choice ,The Outdoor Channel
Ralph and Vicki hunt North America and Africa producing bowhunting DVDs and VHS of whitetail deer, black bear, caribou hunts, plus African safaris. Their big gig is hosting Archer’s Choice and The Choice television programs on The Outdoor Channel, for which they have won several awards.
They hunt hard. They have fun, and they will show you what does and doesn’t work in the field.
They also, over the years, continually work to get more women and youth active in the outdoors and in hunting. They’re ambassadors for family activities in a lifetime sport.

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