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Sam Klement - Co-Founder
Sam Klement-samheadshotSam grew up in Valdosta, Georgia the youngest of five boys. Sam has hunted everything from wild Southern Boar to Elk out West. He has also hunted Bear and Moose in several Canadian Provinces. Over the years, Sam has really made a name for himself in the outdoors. He has been featured in and written for many major outdoor publications. He also gives seminars at many of the major outdoor hunting shows. Currently sam holds five U.S. patents on some of todays most popular hunting products. Sam also owns Spectrum Outdoors, a company specializing in free roaming over-the-shoulder hunting videos and PODSwear Outdoor Apparel Company. Sam is on the national prostaffs for Hunter Specialties, Muzzy, Realtree, and Therma-cell. Sam has completed his Grand Slam of the Wild Turkey twice on camera. Sam's true passion is persuing Southern Whitetail Deer with a bow and arrow! Sam is married to his wife Jenny of 12 years and have two children. Currently they live in Dothan, Alabama.
Rhett Akins - Co-Founder
Rhett Akins-Rhett-Artist-pic-finalCountry Goes Huntin was founded in 2001 by Rhett Akins and his longtime friend and hunting personality, Sam Klement to bring awareness and dollars through the outdoors and country music by bringing some of the top stars in country music and the top names in the hunting industry together. Since its inception, the event has gotten bigger every year and each artist that participates can have a portion of the money raised go to their favorite charity.

Some men are just born to be country singers. It has nothing to do with chart positions, signed deals or marketing plans. It has everything to do with a rowdy Friday night crowd singing along to a song you just wrote because they’ve immediately embraced the words. You’ve written about your life and theirs and the connection has nothing to do with music industry politics and everything to do with honest communication and gut reaction.

Just ask Rhett Akins. The talented singer/songwriter is back with a new collection of songs, People Like Me, that reflect the life he leads on stage and off as a loving father, avid outdoorsman and a quintessential everyman who has much in common with the audiences he’s been singing to for more than a decade.
Dr. Mark Choquette Sr. - Board Member
Dr. Mark Choquette Sr. -mark2Mark hails from the bayou country of Southeastern Louisiana. Mark began his hunting and fishing career at an early age in the backwaters and palmetto forests of the Mississippi River Delta. After finalizing his medical education, he continued his love and enthusiasm for the outdoors in Southeastern Alabama. Mark is active in the Alabama Wildlife Federation, and also is a committee member of the Wiregrass Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF). Mark is a board certified emergency medicine practioner.
Ron Jones - Board Member
Ron Jones-ronjonesRon grew up hunting and fishing in the Southeastern United States. He won his first Skeet shooting compition at the age of 9 and harvested both deer and turkey solo before the age of 11. Ron is an outdoor writer and specializes in wing shooting, turkey hunting, bow hunting, and both salt and fresh water fishing. His obsession with the outdoors has since turned him into the accomplished outdoorsman he is today. He serves as a Birmingham Chapter Committee Member for the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) and is a Supporting Life Member of the National Rifle Association (NRA). Ron is best known for his wing shooting ability, easy going personality and his jokes around the campfire.
Dr. Lee Hughes - Board Member
Dr. Lee Hughes-LeeHughesLee spent his teenage and young adult years hunting and fishing the woods and waters along the Mississippi River in Natchez, Mississippi. His love of the outdoors and nature encouraged his education in Biology and Ecology, which eventually lead him into the medical field. After completing his education, he chose to practice in Southeast Alabama, an area he felt was rich in outdoor opportunity and diversity. When he’s not at home with his family or busy at work, you will likely find Lee fishing the Gulf of Mexico or area lakes, or hunting deer or turkey in the black belt of Alabama or rich farm lands of Southwest Georgia.
Jenny Klement - Treasurer
Jenny Klement-JennyphotoJenny is a registered nurse of 15 years and currently she works for Ala-Care Home Health agency. She is the proud mother of two wonderful children. Without a doubt, there would be no Country Goes Huntin’™ with out all her hard work! Jenny has supported Sam throughout the years in all of Sam’s hunting endeavors, and she enjoys spending quality time with family and friends.
Will Lee CGH Attorney
Will Lee-willleeWill Lee is the official attorney for Country Goes Huntin’. He is an avid outdoorsman, and enjoys all types of hunting, especially wing shooting, chasing white tail deer and hunting wild turkey. He can be found in the outdoors throughout the year and also enjoys both in-shore fishing and offshore fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. His proudest moment this past hunting season was being with his five-year old son, William, when he shot his first deer.